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Think for a minute as to why you chose your business or career? For many, it’s passion, talent, freedom and earnings potential. But through my experience I have discovered that there’s a challenge that many entrepreneurs experience: it’s the gap between the why they chose their business, and the reality that sales needs to be the driving force behind their business. Bottom line…your revenue line needs your attention.

Key areas for entrepreneurial success include:
•  A true “owner’s mindset”; one that elevates your perspective to a higher, more strategic level of performance.
•  An understanding of your clients’ needs through relationship management and deep dialogue.
•  A clear differentiation of your product and service, and the ability to articulate this unique value to your target market.
•  A profitable and consistent stream of revenue, driven by you and your team confidently leading your prospects through an    effective sales process.

Sales Mastery is specifically designed to attract like-minded professionals into a group setting to provide a personal & professional development process that encourages skill set refinement, collaboration and accountability. This is a realistic and practical approach to business and sales coaching that integrates key components of developing and refining a true owner’s mindset, with the skill set and practicality of a proven sales process.

Think about the breakthroughs you and your business can achieve.

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Building a business is about more than having a great product or service people in your community need. It’s about being a strong leader, having a team with a strategic mindset, taking the time to be an innovator, focusing on the customer and much more. At The Growth Coach of Charlotte, my specialty is helping you transform your business into a successful asset while balancing your life.


‪James and his Sales Mastery program have added meaningful value to our team, and how we approach our sales process. Through his program, we have experienced measurable progress toward our individual revenue goals, as well as team alignment. James delivers a powerful mix of a proven process and practical experience that you can confidently apply to your own practice.

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