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 The Entrepreneurial Therapist: Proven Strategies for Developing a Thriving Counseling Practice

Are you a practicing mental health therapist or counselor ready to take your work to the next level, but you’re intimidated by the many facets of owning your own business? Whether you want to launch your own practice or grow your business, The Entrepreneurial Therapist takes you through every step to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed with your small business.

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James Pagano discusses Sales Success Principles for the Entrepreneur.



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Building a business is about more than having a great product or service people in your community need. It’s about being a strong leader, having a team with a strategic mindset, taking the time to be an innovator, focusing on the customer and much more. At The Growth Coach of Charlotte, my specialty is helping you transform your business into a successful asset while balancing your life.


‪James and his Sales Mastery program have added meaningful value to our team, and how we approach our sales process. Through his program, we have experienced measurable progress toward our individual revenue goals, as well as team alignment. James delivers a powerful mix of a proven process and practical experience that you can confidently apply to your own practice.

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